[aprssig] next build of YAAC ("Yet Another APRS Client")

Andrew P. andrewemt at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 17 11:07:49 EST 2013

Greetings, all.

Here's the next build of YAAC (beta#16, created 17-Feb-2013). Quite a few new features and bug fixes were added due to actual operational use. It is downloadable from the usual places:


The changes and enhancements include:

1. fix a bug when sending locally created beacons and objects to the APRS-IS.
2. actually get the OpenTRAC protocol support working, so that beacons and objects can be sent and received in both APRS and OpenTrac protocols.
3. add display on the map and popup windows of Mic-E status codes.
4. add a driver for weather stations delivering their data through a WXNOW.TXT file.
5. start adding support for importing UTM-indexed raster map images (not complete yet).
6. fix font selection to also affect the display of station labels on the map.
7. allow defining local aliases (i.e., tactical callsigns) for local display on the map.

Enjoy, everyone!

Andrew Pavlin, KA2DDO
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