[aprssig] Receiver overload issues with Kenwood TH-D72

Lee Mushel herbert3 at centurytel.net
Fri Feb 8 23:16:34 EST 2013

You ruined my day!   Everyone used to tune up their Heathkit "Twoers" using a #47 pilot lamp.   I bet I can still find mine but I don't think anyone every tried to resonate it!   Of ocurse a 25 watt light bulb was used for the Heath AT-1.....  Are you saying we missed an opportunity to function on the leading edge?


Lee  K9WRU
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  Not too long ago there was an article in QST by one ham who mounted a light bulb dummy load on a pole and operated that way and worked Dx.

  Did he resonate the coiled filament with a variable cap to create the world's smallest mag loop?


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