[aprssig] New Yaesu mobile does APRS?

PE1RDW aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Sat Aug 17 17:26:38 EDT 2013

Op 17-08-13 22:56, Stephen H. Smith schreef:
> On 8/14/2013 1:52 PM, Kent Hufford wrote:
>> In the new QST is an ad for the YAESU FTM-400DR. Says it is a touch 
>> screen
>> mobile that does C4FM FDMA and shows
>> an APRS screen. Even with a Father Bob asterisk.
>> The opposite page is their FT1DR C4FM GPS HT.
>> Will these do regular, standard 144.39mhz APRS with the stuff built-in?
>> Or is this something that will be shoved over the 12.5khz data channel?
>> Even has a Handmic snapshot option. Shades of the D7 and what was 
>> that camera
>> thinge..
>> Kent
>> KQ4KK
> Note that "C4FM" (four-frequency FSK that shifts the radio's carrier 
> between +1600 Hz, +800 Hz, -800 Hz and -1600 Hz) is the same basic 
> modulation scheme used in P25 digital public safety radio.  However 
> the data transmitted on top of this basic modulation scheme is utterly 
> different in P25 and the Yaesu radio.
> I was wondering the same thing about classic APRS interoperability.  
> There is no mention of classic analog TNC functionality being built-in 
> ala TH-D7 or D72 or even VX-8.
I have seen mention of aprs and 9k6 ready on product pages and if I 
recall correctly the HT version has a TNC build in.
If it was not clasic APRS then it would not be able to be called APRS I 
think but even if it is only APRS over 4FSK then it should still be 
trivial to set up gateways and unlike dprs it would be bidirectional 
because it can not carry the label aprs if it is not using the same payload.
> I'm also wondering if the "mic-cam" outputs anything remotely 
> compatible with normal SSTV, ---  or is it once again (like D-Star 
> position reporting) only a functional equivalent that will require a 
> computer translation system somewhere to inter-operate with older 
> analog systems.
from the bits of info I seen on the HT the pictures are digital over the 
4fsk data stream.

73 Andre PE1RDW

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