[aprssig] GPS GT-320FW(AS)

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Wed Apr 24 19:38:45 EDT 2013


The Easyradio can take in 160 charcaters before it needs to send

It wants a break of 2 or more characters to say " ok send now"

What I could do is limit the GPS to just 4800 baud and once a second

As long as the GPS does not get longer that 160 characters I should be ok ?

I thought about this back to back

The PIC MCU was making me a APRS packet over easey radio

But I gues if it just me and the quad - why use APRS ? just use NMEA

So maybe I look at the easy radio specs and see what the input volts and 
speed are

Can I make a GPS-320 go different speeds and affect the sentences ?

Say 4800 baud $GPRMC only

Some options



I have also a beeline GPS on order

- Andrew -
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>> 1. GPS
>> 2. PIC MCU
>> 3. EasyRadio 434 TX 19k2 100 mW
> If you can change the baud rate (in a non-volatile way) on either the
> radio (web page says it has a UART interface) or the GPS, you can just
> connect them back-to-back.
> Some of our guys did exactly this with xbee modules and a GPS unit for
> tracking rockets.
> -Jason
> kg4wsv
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