[aprssig] A question for an electronic design tech./ engineer

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 22 11:44:13 EDT 2012

Hi Clay,

 It would help greatly if you gave information about what this is to be used for. It doesn't say, but appears to either be for finding the transmitting unit, or just knowing if the transmitter is near.

 What is the enviromnent this will be used in?
 What is the maximum distance that the receiver needs to hear the transmitter?
 Does it need to have direction finding ability, or just proximity?
 Does the transmitter need to last for a long time?

 I actually consulted in the design of a product slightly similar and had to solve some of the problems mentioned in the paper. 
 If manufactured as described in that paper, it may very well be more expensive than needed due to the tuning procedure and special components. 
However, There is a good chance there is an easier way to accomplish the desired result.

  I also consulted on another project that used completely different technology that could be quite inexpensive for locating a "pinging transmitting unit".

  Please provide more information about the use of the "pinger". 
 Direct email, via arrl.net, or my web site Contact page.

73, Steve, K9DCI  USN (Vet)  MOT (Ret)  Ham (Yet)

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> David-
> Currently looking at the cost of a single unit with a
> possibility of future units..
> https://sites.google.com/site/kendiver/PingerConstruction1.pdf
> Thanks,
> Clay AA3JY
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