[aprssig] News from DCC (5) better Views - AVMAP Dead-Reckoning!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Sep 22 11:18:25 EDT 2012

Don W6GPS demonstrated a beta test of the next release of AVMAP GPS
display software that can now display all of the APRS stations on the
GPS map but with all moving stations DEAD RECKONED IN REAL TIME.
Meaning, now you can see where people really probably are, and not
where they were minutes ago.

Traveling in parallel with other APRS mobiles and using many existing
clients is a joke.  THe ICONS pop up on the map, but then are stuck
there as time continues to move on, and the ICON stays stuck on the
road a few miles back, until it again snaps ahead and again is
obsolete seconds after it was transmitted.

WIth DR, the DR indication moves smoothly down the road, so you can
always see where he is relative to where you are.

Dead Reckoning of live moving symbols on APRS was FUNDAMENTAL to APRS
2 decades ago but was ignored by many clients.  Fortunately now AVMAP,
YAAC and APRS.FI and most newer clients (APRSIS32) are including this
as the default.

Everyone can see how DR works, by just zooming into a moving mobile on
APRS.FI.  The track leads the symbol in real time.  Though this is not
my ideal choice of display (I prefer to see the symbol move along with
its CSE/SPD leader with an anchor back to last known position) but it
still lets you see where he really is...

Bob, WB4A

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