[aprssig] News from DCC - Packet Radio Lives!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Sep 22 09:59:47 EDT 2012

DCC in Atlanta is really exciting.  Im going to summarize some exciting
things relative to APRS in subsequent emails.

First was Bryan Hoyer, K7UDR "A Hailing Channel for Packet Radio"..  What I
took away was that we have LOTS of digital bandwidth on ham radio and we
are not using it well.  THe big users are APRS and WinLINK and we all seem
to gravitate to the APRS channel and the local Winlink channel and then
complain about the congestion.  Yet we have hundreds of Kbps of capacity

If we used APRS as it was designed to be, as a single resource channel,
where knowledge about everything going on locally in ham radio could be
found, then we could dispatch users instantaneously to one of the other
digital channels to transfer data at 56 KBps and then return to APRS to be
ready for the next application.  THey are making 25 Watt UHF bricks with
built in modems and freq agile radios to make this plug-and-play.

It can serve as a Winlink gateway, APRS Igate D-Star gateway, freq agile
digipeater or point-to-point link or a node in the AMPRNet (44 Net).  It
can serve as a DD/DV radio with the optional AMBE card) or as an Email
clinet at the EOC.  It can be controlled over the air for every function.

You can build your own MESH networks.  We have the bandwidth. lets use it!

See http://www.NWDigitalRadio.com

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