[aprssig] Automatic Voice RFelay System (AVRS) and ALLSTAR STANDARD

Manuel wa5vxi at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 17 22:38:48 EDT 2012


Tens of thousands or radios out there? 

I have purchased several VHF mobile radios in the past few years and none of them were equipped as you say they are. 

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On Sep 17, 2012, at 9:13 PM, Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:

>> Perhaps a new APRS message could be defined specifically
>> to beacon such gateways with the relevant parameters
>> (most of which are in the standard position message anyway)
> Not only *no* but "heck no"!!!
> We have tens of thousands of mobiles out there with a perfectly good APRS
> radio that can already display ALL relevant VOIP information to the mobile
> operator.  The format is an APRS FREQUENCY OBJECT.  Then not only do the
> radios display the information, but they can also TUNE to that VOIP node
> with the press of a single TUNE or QSY button.
> This FREQUENCY OBJECT has been the #1 focus of APRS since 2001 and
> finalized in the spec since 2004, and built into all new radios since
> 2007?
> Do not even think of "inventing" a new format when we have already gotten
> every player in this game (the APRS standard, and the APRS radio
> manufacturers producing radios) coming on board, with the AVRS engine, the
> last piece of the pie, being the most critical link.
> The format has been well defined since 2004.  It is a  FREQUENCY object.
> Please do not throw away almost a decade of work, with knee jerk ideas.
> Thanks

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