[aprssig] Named stations without valid callsign

Sander Pool sander_pool at pobox.com
Sun Sep 9 03:16:45 EDT 2012


I drove from San Jose, CA to Point Reyes today and had my D72 running 
APRS. I was just reviewing the stations I received and noticed 'TOULON' 
which was forwarded first by 'COREY' and last by 'WARD'. These and quite 
a few other non-hamcall stations appear to be operational in that area. 
All have an arrl.net email address associated with them on aprs.fi so 
they appear to be maintained by a ham.

Is this use of non-callsign igate names allowed?

As an aside my little 5W HT with duck antenna clamped to the window did 
quite well. 100+ miles reception range in some cases.


     Sander W1SOP

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