[aprssig] Future for aprs

Ben Lindner vk5jfk at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 21:36:41 EDT 2012

Yes you have joined the wrong group. As you have been told before, NOT 
every one is at the same level as you Andrew. Its time for you to get 
over it. Some people may not have even been to junior school, let alone 
high school or Uni like yourself.

Many people can probably do things that you can not do, strip down a 
motor, build a house, the list goes on. We know you are good at what you 
do and what you have achieved, so just let people enjoy their side of 
Ham Radio and if they need to ask questions or want help, so be it

On 07/09/12 06:52, Andrew Rich wrote:
> Is any one else like me
> Frustrated by the constant bombardment of emails from people who just can't get it together.
> Maybe I joined the wrong mail lists ?
> Every aprs kit I ever built for myself or others has worked perfectly
> When do we break away from being just users to experimenters
> Has the pioneering dream died In ham radio ?
> Have we just become a smart few followed by the mass of consumers ?
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> Andrew Rich
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