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John Gorkos jgorkos at gmail.com
Mon Sep 3 12:36:46 EDT 2012

I think this list is probably the most appropriate place to float future
plans/ideas for APRS.  Unless I'm woefully out of the loop, there is no
steering committee or APRS planning group that decides the direction of
the APRS spec or future APRS endeavors.
I think Bob's web pages (while slightly, um, "classic" in their designs)
are the closest things we have to a road-map.  Bob himself is pretty much
brimming with plans and ideas that ought to be re-captured for future
reference.  I'll try to sit down with him at DCC and "interview" him in
front of the camera people (we did something similar last year) and we'll
try to draw out some of the plans for folks that won't be able to attend
DCC this year.

APRS is a mature technology in many respects.  Actually, in some respects,
it's an OLD technology (how many copies of UIView are still in use?  Or
WinAPRS and MacAPRS).  I would posit that the current trends in APRS are
in developing new GUI clients, developing new Digi/Igate software, and
developing new APRS-IS software to tie RF/APRS traffic into the "modern"
world, and some hardware development to extend proven hardware (OT and

John Gorkos

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>Is there any future planning groups for aprs ?
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