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   I was contacted by this fella for help with a balloon project.  Perhaps there is a reader near him up to being an advisor. Feel free to go direct.
  I sent him some general ham & APRS info as well as the info below and some images of last December's trans-Atlantic flight (APRS.fi tracks, a launch picture and a chart of the APRS telemetry I made from the data I pulled from .APRS.fi)
73, K9DCI, Steve
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hi steve, sorry for the late reply.
thank you very much for links and the ideas of where i can get info.
Myself and my college class are all complete newbies to aprs and also doing anything like the project that we are attempting, but hey the info is all out there so all I really need to do is research and testing and we should be good .
Im trying to get a bit of funding together for equipment, hopefully the college is going to chip in seeing as we're gona post pictures on their site and any equipment purchased will be left behind for future classes. 
The course that I'm doing is an introduction into science, like a stepping stone into a degree and the idea of this project is to get us in the mind frame of being able to research and setup a project on our own initiative, also to do something very cool, Im thinking of attaching a model of the flying spaghetti monster to the payload so we may get images of his noodly goodness from a heavenly height.  


thats the website for the church of the fsm, its a bit of a giggle im not a religious nut 

yet again thank you very much for the info im going to get right on top of joining those yahoo forums and searching for people in my area who do ham radio, oh yer Im located in Drogheda, Co. Louth, Rep. of Ireland

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I'd like to hear more about your project, but here's what I collected not knowing wat you may or may not already know.

The only thing I can personally recommend is to use one of the trackers that has, or write your code to use, altitude variable packet paths.  You’ll know what this is when you learn about APRS.   This is because at 100,000 ft you cover an 800 mile diameter circle on the ground with signals directly from the balloon and don’t typically require digipeaters.  What this is: at high altitude (say above 3,000 ft) the APRS Packet Path is direct (no hops) to prevent overloading all the digipeaters in a very large area with unnecessary packets, yet it allows using digipeaters when needed near the landing site.

Consider joining the Ballooning
 and/or GPSL Yahoo group(s).  These are the two biggest and most active groups dedicated to high altitude ballooning.  These groups may have things in their Files Areas for beginners.
 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Balloon_Sked/  Gives upcoming launch info
 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GPSL/  Great Planes Super Launch - now a general Balloon group

You can Google “Amateur High altitude balloon APRS”.

Here are some good links:

Some good starting advice:
  Home page of
 above:  http://www.eoss.org/

This is the group that launched a balloon that made it across the Atlantic from California.  Scroll down on the main page to see the balloon’s path plotted on the globe::

Nebraska Stratospheric Amateur Radio:

UK High Altitude Society.  There is a Beginner’s guide here that looks pretty good to me, a non ballooner:

Saskatoon Amateur High Altitude Balloon Radio Club:

Currently Active balloons around the world:

Other interesting sites (there are many more)

The $150 Project:

73, Steve, K9DCI  USN (Vet)  MOT (Ret)  Ham (Yet)

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