[aprssig] Parameter Names and Labels for Digital Telemetry Information

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 18 18:48:15 EDT 2012

Thinking more...
Say you have four door switches on your trailer and four window switches.  The labels could be this for your trailer telemetry:
Since you can put anything you want it could also be:
If you don't want anyone to know which is which, I suppose you could have :

73, Steve, 

I just looked into this.
Units should be obvious for the analog quantities. This specifies the units of measure - the units of these quantities.  Things like volts, Degrees F,  Degrees C, or Degrees K -- seconds, or minutes, or days.  If it was money, it could be dollars, pounds, or Yen.  These can also be scaled by making the units volts/100 for large values or volts*100, or perhaps mv (milivolts) for small values.
Now we get to "What's in a name..." for the digital bits.
  Call it a name or a lable, but it must tell what the digital bit represents in your situation. 
The digital labels will indicate the function of each bit.  What is it representing.  These will be only 1 or zero but the labels tell you what they indicate. They  are for things like a door open or closed; a switch open or closed; a shutter button pushed down or notl; a motor running or not. 
Does that help?

73, Steve, K9DCI USN (Vet) MOT (Ret) Ham (Yet)

--- On Thu, 10/18/12, Charles Bland <root at blandranch.net> wrote:
Chapter 13 of the APRS spec goes into the detail of the parameter names.

The PARM. message contains the analog and digital channels.

The UNIT. message contains units for the analog channels and "labels" for the digital channels. This isn't clear to me.

Regarding the digital channels, what is the difference between a "name" and a "label"? I see the message examples in the spec, but I really don't see an application for the labels.

Can anyone provide for clarity on this?

Chuck Bland

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