[aprssig] Next build of YAAC (Yet Another APRS Client) now available

Andrew P. andrewemt at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 14 00:35:32 EDT 2012

Greetings, all.

Some new feature requests from Bob Bruninga and other users have now been added to YAAC.  New features include full ability to take over inactive stations as well as objects, ability to graphically drag objects to new positions on the map instead of having to type new latitude/longitude values, and support for the hardware flow control used by Kamtronics TNCs.

The software can be downloaded from http://www.ka2ddo.org/ka2ddo/YAAC.html or http://sourceforge.net/projects/yetanotheraprsc

The software is supported on Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD, and available in ready-to-run binary and source code distributions under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Enjoy, all.

Andrew Pavlin, KA2DDO
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