[aprssig] AX.25 RR bit test - Holy Grail (reply)

John Wiseman john.wiseman at cantab.net
Fri Nov 30 17:05:26 EST 2012

A google seach for "ssid reserved bits" comes up with quite a bit of
interesting reading, including the use of the reserved bits by DAMA.

For what it is worth, my code always sets the reseved bits in addresses it
creates, and normally only sets the "used" bit when digipeating. The
exception is that when the SSID of a WIDEn-n is changed, the reserved bits
are set as well as the "used" bit.

73, John G8BPQ 

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> The RR bits are most likely 00 for every... packet coming out of a 
> KISS interface to APRSISCE/32.
> Now where did I put that AX.25 spec so that I can figure out just 
> which bits we're talking about...

Im sure your replicated them to their defaults which is [11]...  but if you
didn't, then all of those existing packets are a good test already...

To see the definition of these bits, see figure in:

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