[aprssig] Cave Surveying

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 21 00:17:00 EST 2012

This is described in the article.  Look @ the first figure to 'see' it: 


But basically... 
  The caver carries the Tx and carefully suspends it vertically in the cave - it's weighted to hang this way.  This makes the H field perpendicular to the ground directly over the vertically oriented TX.  

  You walk over the ground above with the RX loopstick horizontal and find the null in two orthogonal directions.  Bazinga!

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> Clay AA3JY wrote...
> > Some have short memories..but I posted this back in
> September:
> >
> www.tapr.org/pipermail/aprssig/2012-September/040466.html
> > What is used to help facilitate surveying in cave
> diving(water
> > medium) in north Florida..a Pinger device in the 350hz
> range.
> Could you please give a short description on how the Pinger
> is
> used? I assume the diver / spelunker would have the
> transmitter.
> How does the receiver determine the Pinger's location?
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