[aprssig] APRS in caves! (mammoth map) & HF

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 20 01:11:22 EST 2012

--- Ray Wells lamented that:

...  Sadly, grandfather time has affected my memory with regard to distances achieved.

It is just like radioactivity...  There is a half-life to knowledge.

   ...   ...   or  ... ... 

Your brain has filled up and you can't get any more in, unless something falls out, or something gets pushed out by either:
1 - Something new being pushed in, or
2 - shrinkage of available space.


73, Steve, K9DCI  USN (Vet)  MOT (Ret)  Ham (Yet)

P.S. The trouble with retirement is that you get no more days off!

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