[aprssig] [APRS] APRS in caves! (mammoth map)

Allen, Richard Richard.Allen at garmin.com
Mon Nov 19 17:25:34 EST 2012

If you pair a Garmin device with both NMEA support and Custom Mapping, you can load a KMZ of the cave, and it'll update the map with position feeds from your radio.

Richard, KD0LIX

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Mammoth cave underlay on local terrain map is now complete.  The map has a LAT/LONG grid on the sides so one can pinpoint one's position into the HT underground to the same 0.01 Minute of LAT/LONG as on the surface.

See http://aprs.org/cave-link.html

So far, none of the modern clients seem to do GIF or JPG files.  But as we get closer to the 2 March 2013 test, maybe someone can develop a vector overlay for the main passage.  Can YACC or APRSIS32 do APRS Overlays?


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