[aprssig] Can YAAC or APRSIS32 do a CAVE.JPG map?

Greg D ko6th.greg at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 16:44:17 EST 2012

But if you're in a cave, how are the stations going to be setting their 
location?  Not by GPS.  It will need to be manually entered (maybe based 
on a "you are here: Lat/Lon" signpost?), so inseparable grouping is 
inevitable.  It's going to be up to the client to display the stations 
in a readable manner.

It will be really interesting to see how well RF bounces around 
irregularly shaped wet rock...  Physics theory tells me it won't work 
well, but in practice, theory doesn't work so well. (*)

Greg  KO6TH

"In theory there's no difference between theory and practice, but in 
practice there is."  (Yogi Berra, I think...)

Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> 2)     No  bitmap format like .JPG, .BMP, .GIF, etc that is a fixed grid of
>> pixels is going to yield any more detail by zooming in.  You just get big
>> chunky blocks as the individual pixels are enlarged.
> Yes.  But the reason I need to zoom is to be able to resolve closely
> grouped callsigns, not for more map detail.
> Thanks
> Bob
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