[aprssig] Can YAAC or APRSIS32 do a CAVE.JPG map?

Heikki Hannikainen hessu at hes.iki.fi
Sun Nov 18 14:47:25 EST 2012

On Sun, 18 Nov 2012, Stephen H. Smith wrote:

> The problem with OSM is that it tethers you to the Internet.   Basically
> useless for mobile operation or operations like Bob's proposed cave event.  

That is simply not true.

You can download OSM maps and use them locally. I think that's what YAAC 
is doing right now. The OSM license allows you to do that, and the really 
nice thing is that you can download the *vector* data and zoom and render 
it it as you like, with whatever resolution you happen to have on your 

The Google Maps license does not allow you to download and use offline.

   - Hessu

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