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There is a big ham fest just outside the park in Cave City in the spring.
It is very well attended and the largest in this area. Bowling Green had
one this year the first week of Oct.  I have not seen the date for 2013,
but assume it will be in March.


This ham fest is the opposite side of the freeway (I65) from the park.

Did you get any interest in setting up a Digi in or around the park?  I've
got a iGate in Bowling Green and would like to help out.

John, KG4LVA

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APRS test in Mammoth Cave:

I got a reply back from the Ranger at Mammoth Cave and he would be happy
to support an APRS communication experiment in the cave.  They have over
400 miles of cave, but only about 1000 feet of WIFI.

I'd be happy to put together a proposal if we thought we could get 8 to 15
people to converge on Mammoth Cave Kentucky some weekend with their
TH-D72s...  Lemme see if there are any nearby BIG hamfests during the
year.  (Nashville or Louisville).

So lets see if we have some volunteers first and then form a plan.

I wonder if Lynn can search for D72's within 150  miles of Mammoth on the
(though most are off when not in use)...


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> We need an APRS digi at the Mammoth Cave National Park.
> Here is the list of National Parks and APRS coverage:
> http://aprs.org/aprs-parks.html
> With the new Kenwood TH-D72 which can digipeat, it would
> be fun to have a few underground at the same time.

Along those lines, and since now we can extend our radio TEXTING range
inside caves by using multiple hops between TH-D72 digipeating HT's, I
updated my 1997 APRS Cave Radio web page:

And am floating the idea of maybe having an APRS Communication conference
there...  so we can get enough D72 radios (at least 7) to be able to test
the concept.

Bob, Wb4APR

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