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If you open APRSIS-CE you will see there are many Digi's in Boston!
How much power? Antenna gain? Antenna height above ocean? Broadcasting  
Arthur L Smith

Chocorua, NH, USA

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bruninga at usna.edu writes:

The USS  Constitution will have an APRS tracker on board for its cruise  in
Im having trouble finding the date.  I think this is a  special 1812
commemoration cruise and not the Annual turn-around  cruise.

Callsign will be USNAVY-3 the Third US Navy ship commissioned  and oldest
still in service.  HAM call will be the US Naval Academy's  callsign W3ADO. 

(assuming plans come through) and there are  digipeaters in Boston!

I assume WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 will work in  Boston.

Bob,  WB4APR

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