[aprssig] 30M APRS and digipeaters...

Sergej rttyman at ukr.net
Fri Jul 13 21:09:28 EDT 2012

Bob write:
> This WIDE2-2 on HF is absolutely absurd!
> Go to a mountain top and LISTEN to what WIDE2-2 does to a normal APRS VHF
> network.  You will hear not just your one TX packet and the first copy, but
> you will hear as many as 16 additional copies from the surrounding digis!

Looks as viewing it like wide range VHF network. But HF propagation in not
so linear like on VHF digis in line-of-sigh range.
So 16 copy is teoretical, but not real with HF.

Anyway, to find in short time working digi call need some mechanism to discover
some reaching digi's. Alias "ECHO" doing it one hop only.
Response of WIDE2-2 digi with substitution to real CALLSIGN(s) helps to discover
it few hops. If need one hop reply, just request WIDE2-1, not need
hops, not request any WIDE2-x aliases. Its universal!
After get WIDE digis reply(s) operator need to select best path with desired
DIGI CALL(s) then not more trigger any WIDE2-2 digi if not possible to reach
message directly.

You may name it "stupidly" , but its worked well in Europe on HF for years
and HF network is not dead, because network have its base - digis!
There are someone trucks or sailing and always someone near screen can
exchange messages, or just say you "hello", either direct, or via digis.

Just need coordination of WIDE2-2 digi's mesh average location and
to learn users about correct WIDE2-2 usage to build working path based on
actual calls substitution by WIDE digi's, if not possible to exchange direct.

Also proportional paths is good, would be nice to see it in more applications.

73, Sergej

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