[aprssig] 30M APRS and digipeaters...

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jul 12 17:20:17 EDT 2012

>> Yes, I agree fully.  We never want digipeating on HF.
>> It just adds QRM to everyone...

> When was the last time you were on HF APRS Bob?

I listen occasionally and you are right, I hardly hear anything...

> Theory and old experience is one thing but real activity 
> on the air today is another.

It depends on what we want.  Remember a SILENT APRS channel is the MOST
RELIABLE.  And a busy channel has the least probability of being heard.  And
if this channel is for HF boaters, I would rather have a clear channel with
a hope of being heard than a QRM channel where none of my packets are heard.

If activity is low, lets figure out what we can do to add interest.  Just
adding duplicate QRM just so the channel sounds busy is kinda counter
producutive to reliability and throughput.

But you are right to raise the issue.  REMEMBER, I am only talking about
GENERIC digipeating.  UNIQUE station digipeating has always been OK and is
part of the fun of making a contact.  If you HEAR another station perfectly,
but cannot QSO a 3rd one, then by all means feel free to DIGIPEAT off the
strong one.  Nothing wrong with that.

Its just GENERIC digipeating 24/7 is what I am convicned is bad practice.

Does that help?


> I always thought ONE DIGIPEATER per 1500 miles or so might not hurt, but
as soon as we suggest that, then every EGOPEATER on the planet thinks it is
him and we get nothing but QRM.

> Band conditions are at the best marginal.  There are few users generating
few packets.   To generalize and say "NO DIGIPEATING" without looking at the
whole picture is not accurate.    Like on VHF, the plan and recommendation
has to follow the conditions and activity.

> Yes - I was the one that pinged Keith off line about (appropriate)  HF
digipeating being a good thing...   It is!

> I got my start on APRS on HF in the mid 90's...    I've a history of
monitoring for years - years ago.   And I've been listening the past month
or so on the 30 meter HF channel with the incredible new UZ7HO soundcard
modem for packet and APRS-Messenger for PSK*-APRS.   There is very little
activity and with out the basic digi scheme folks are using I'd see even

> We do need an updated modern best operating practice for HF operation.  We
should either revisit the ECHO/GATE scheme or move to a new scheme closer to
something like the WIDEn-N used on VHF.

Bill - WA7NWP

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