[aprssig] 30M APRS and digipeaters...

Sergej rttyman at ukr.net
Thu Jul 12 03:10:09 EDT 2012

Hello Keith

> What are the current thoughts about digipeaters and APRS on HF,
> specifically on 30M? My understanding was that digipeaters would
> be a bad thing...

Not know how its in US, as its hardly to receive US on 30m with simple wire antennas.

But in EU there is good use of WIDE digipeaters on HF aprs 30 and 20 Meter bands.

WIDE2-2 path is enough.
Just don't use very fast beaconing, typically 15-20 minutes rate is OK for
fixed station, and 3 to 5 min for moving.

For message exchange better to find DIGI call and trigger only digi that
need for qso, not all WIDE-digis.

One or two digi hops on messaging is quite common to  East cost USA on 20 Meter
aprs from here.

All working fine for years...

73, Sergej

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