MJ Inabnit ke6sls at arrl.net
Thu Jul 12 00:24:47 EDT 2012

Hi Dave:

I hope some of that APRS passion rubs off on some of the Bozeman hams.  
I've been trying to push some interest while in the area (born there), 
but still don't see any digipeaters on the hill tops!

Sure glad you guys have it dialed in there in Missoula!

73 om, great right-up

On 07/10/2012 08:47 AM, David Dobbins wrote:
>    The trackers consisted of two Byonics MT-AIO "yellow box" units 
> mounted on bicycles, a Byonics MT-RTG mounted in the half-marathon 
> pace car, three Kenwood D7/D72's, and an Arduino tracker neatly 
> mounted on a bob-trailer behind the tail-end charlie bike. We ID'd the 
> trackers with tactical callsigns (MSLA*) and entered owner callsigns 
> at the end of the status text comment, set them for 30 second updates 
> with various offsets to reduce packet collisions. Battery life well 
> exceeded our needs on all the trackers. The finish line station ran 
> UI-View with two area specific maps generated with Precision Maps v9, 
> one showing the entire race routes, and the other focused on the final 
> four AID stations. The AID stations were generated as objects on 
> UI-View, and were periodically announced onto the APRS-IS as MSOAID*. 
> As my TH-D72 was being used as a tracker, the UI-View station relied 
> on APRS-IS input only. A projector and screen displayed the race 
> picture for others to see from our location just below the finish line 
> in Caras Park.
>    Regards, Dave K7GPS


wishing you well
Jaye, ke6sls--via the acer w/thunderchicken3

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