[aprssig] help loading ui-view on computer

David Dobbins ddobbins at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 19:43:15 EDT 2012

I'm trying to load a fresh install of ui-view on a friend's computer. It's
Windows Vista. UI-View is installed in the c:/peaksystems/uiview directory.
Precision Maps v7 in stalled in the Program Files directory. The
pmapserverv707 unzips and appears to install ok. UI-View is registered and
working. Precision Maps is registered and working.

When we now open UI-View and LOAD A MAP, the Precision Mapping V7 link is
there, and we select it. It then asks for the location of the Precision
Maps folder, which we select. When we hit OK it goes for a few seconds,
then announces a program has quit operating and needs to close.

I know we're close to making it work, just something not quite right. The
old UI-View folder that was originally in the Program Files folder has been
deleted and the computer restarted.

Any ideas?

Dave K7GPS
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