[aprssig] Another Junk ISS Object on the APRS-IS

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Sat Jul 7 23:21:20 EDT 2012

Another junk ISS object is now appearing on the APRS-IS.  It's being originated 
by a tactical call ("CNTRLA") with no real call at all in the original RF packet.

;ISS_ 1808*080242z0045.06N\04147.77ES035/999 AOS at 08-07 08:07 LOC

AOS at 08-07 08:07 LOC


Seems to be info of only local interest since it is announcing AOS and LOS for 
some unknown location.

It's position is THOUSANDS of miles off from the actual location of the 
station.   Further, it is including a wildly inaccurate velocity (999 Knots - 
probably the field in his software was limited to three digits) that is a 
fraction of the actual velocity of the ISS, causing it's dead-reckoned position 
to be wildly off.

I am puzzled how the object name  ("ISS_ 1801")  managed to have a space in it 
--  .  I though objects had to be unbroken strings.



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