[aprssig] 14 day APRS posit archive download?

Dave B dave at g8kbv.demon.co.uk
Sun Jul 1 08:06:27 EDT 2012


Well, the H4H Euro 4x4 rally went well dispite some satnav hell arrond 
Eindhoven, and one or two minor road book issues, and the odd enforced 
diversion.  Plus AFIK the TH-D7 APRS tracker I ran (G0WBX-7) worked well 
too.  Had to turn the PA power down to 25W due to volt drop issues (not 
my vehicle) but otherwise fine.  Even attracted a couple of incoming 
messages from local's we passed nearby.  


Due to a "technical failure" here at home, the machine I had left on 
running UiView to record my track, failed to recover it's LAN 
connectivity correctly after "someone cycled the power to the router" and 
the LAN was re-initialised.  (Her iPhone told her to do it!  She says.  
Didn't fix the iPhone issues either, it was something else in the end...)  

So, is there anyway known to man, cat, beast or ???   To recover my 
entire track from June the 16th to June the 30th?  

I can see the last 7 days on aprs.fi, but the download link goes to a 
google login.   All I'd like is a blob of data I can import into UiView 
(or similar.)  

Or is it all lost for good now? :-(

Cheers All.

Dave G0WBX-7 (G8KBV)  Navigator/co-driver Team 33.

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