[aprssig] APRSSIG digest formatting question

Stan Horzepa stanzepa at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 13 13:28:35 EST 2012

I changed digest options. Let me know if they work. If not, I can change 
them again.

APRSSIG janitor

On 12/11/2012 9:44 AM, Mark Conner wrote:
> Maybe one of the list managers can chime in on this..........
> I subscribe to the APRSSIG in digest form.  It appears that people who 
> e-mail to the SIG in certain variants of HTML formatting have their 
> posts "scrubbed" and a placeholder link is put in the digest; however, 
> the HTML code at the placeholder link does not render properly and you 
> get a dump of HTML code on the screen.
> Would it be possible to (a) have the digest software convert those 
> incoming HTML e-mails to text for the digest, (b) format the digest in 
> HTML, or (c) have the linked posts render in HTML properly (server 
> issue?) so when you go to the link you get a properly-formatted page 
> to view?
> Not to pick on Steve, but WA8LMF's posts are an example where the 
> digest software always strips his post from the digest and replaces it 
> with a link.  Which is a bummer because his S/N ratio is pretty good.  :)

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