[aprssig] Final information on the Trans-Atlantic APRS Balloon Flights

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> Final information ...
  In an email exchange with Don Ferguson, KD6IRE, spokesman for the Trans-Atlantic APRS balloon flights, he said that the second one was the last and that they are moving on to other, unspecified things.

> The link above doesn't seem to have any info on the recent flight 
> -- only stuff that happened last year.   
> The CNSP home page has a brief summary of the recent flight. 

There is a video of the latest launch, CNSP-18, on YouTube and I am sure it will appear soon on their site.


> Any idea what "moving on to other, unspecified things" means...

  That was my paraphrase.  He simply said that they were going to move on, but I think they want to keep things under wraps until they get closer.  Perhaps that's it for ballooning for them and "other things" are another area altogether.  Speculate all you want.

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