[aprssig] How many Hams does it take to watch a balloon event?

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 7 15:42:59 EST 2012

Sorry,  Fat finger error hit something B4 finished...

--- David Flood wrote:
> After seeing my phone try to keep up with the flood 
>  of messages...
> ...90% ...S/N ratio approaching unity..."me too!".
> If I wanted that much noise, I would have watched the
> Twitter feed.  


  I'm sorry you had that difficulty and that I contributed to it.

A - Thinks for posting and I, for sure, will try to better conserve...  I *DO* trim my posts 90% of the time (see above) and will try to give that more attention.

B -  RE: Twitter.  You would have been disappointed.  The reason I posted here was because others were interested and the Twitter feed *WAS* just as quiet as last year.  The CNSP team provides very little info there and on their Yahoo Group.  As good a job as they did plaaing and executing, they provide scant information and, in my opinion, they need to have a PR officer.


I tried to provide some info that others may not have been able to get.

I also dislike *me toos* but you must remember that some of this is due to symultaneous postings/replies.

> There is absolutely no reason that a non-Emergency 
> event needs to generate so many worthless emails.  

  I would think an emergency event needs no noise, but as we know, there will be some.

  Correct me if I am wrong, but I didn't consider this forum to be primarily for emergencies.  I thought it was for discussing/advanging APRS and helping others understand what is there.

  Lastly, a Balloon event such as this is quite a significant accomplishment. Superlatives are way over-used these days, but this is no simple achievement.   If you watch the whole video of the launch (that could also have been done better) you find that a main reason *this* flight was done, was because so many folks enjoyed watching the Dec 2011 first Trans-Atlantic flight.

  While do I share your frustration with all the noise in just about ALL media these days, I consider this different.

  Just this morning, a local, whom I hadn't spoken to in a while, called me on the air and thanked me for posting on a local forum (actually two).  He showed it to his mother and she was glued to her computer watching.
  I'll consider this far-and-away way above "news" reports on which candidate is ahead in this-or-that poll.

73, Steve, K9DCI

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