[aprssig] New Google+ Community

Gregg Wonderly gregg at wonderly.org
Thu Dec 6 22:07:18 EST 2012

I'd like to invite everyone here to participate in a new Google+ Community that I'm trying to get bootstrapped.


I know we have a lot of mailing lists that we all already participate in.  The Google+ community implementation seems to have some interesting opportunities to help make it easier to find topic based conversations and to freely participate.  In particular, Google+ seems to have ample spam filtering and abuse control.  Many of our closed mailing lists, or at least administered lists have pretty good control of this stuff.  But, I'm interested in seeing if there is anything else to be gained by having more stuff available in a more controlling indexed location.  The Category mechanism will allow specific interests to be separated and for more focused discussions in a more open interface.

If you're interested, please jump in and post something in one of the categories to get started.  If you have ideas for more categories or a different organization of them, post something in the general discussion category.

Gregg Wonderly

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