[aprssig] Forecast track for K6RPT-12

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On 03/12/12 21:24, Steve Daniels wrote:
> You might be out of luck with France I don't think they are allowed to 
> connect APRS to the internet, someone may prove me wrong there
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> The usual jet charts won't be of much help, as CNSP-18 is flying well 
> above the jet stream.  The 100-110 kft winds will take a gradual turn 
> to the west, and I expect the balloon to cruise along roughly 50-52N 
> across the Atlantic.
> Float altitude has been key to the forward speed observed.  If the 
> float had occurred at 98,000 ft, the forward speeds would have been 
> about half what they are now.  The fact that today's float is in the 
> 110,000 ft range has put the European coast within reach before the 
> balloon or batteries expire.  At night the balloon should descend to 
> about 100,000 ft and slow down, but then rise again tomorrow morning. 
>  I would expect the balloon to be within range of Irish APRS stations 
> (tuned to 144.39) by 10-12 UTC tomorrow (4th) and over Germany or 
> Poland by late evening on the 4th.

I reconnected my home station and switched to 144.390 since approx 08:00 
UTC, this morning.


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