[aprssig] Forecast track for K6RPT-12

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You might be out of luck with France I don't think they are allowed to
connect APRS to the internet, someone may prove me wrong there


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The usual jet charts won't be of much help, as CNSP-18 is flying well above
the jet stream.  The 100-110 kft winds will take a gradual turn to the west,
and I expect the balloon to cruise along roughly 50-52N across the Atlantic.


Float altitude has been key to the forward speed observed.  If the float had
occurred at 98,000 ft, the forward speeds would have been about half what
they are now.  The fact that today's float is in the 110,000 ft range has
put the European coast within reach before the balloon or batteries expire.
At night the balloon should descend to about 100,000 ft and slow down, but
then rise again tomorrow morning.  I would expect the balloon to be within
range of Irish APRS stations (tuned to 144.39) by 10-12 UTC tomorrow (4th)
and over Germany or Poland by late evening on the 4th.


Unfortunately once we leave the range of Newfoundland stations this evening,
we won't have further updates until we approach Europe - we'll go well north
of the Azores this time.  Far western French and British stations may wish
to tune to 144.39 tomorrow morning as it's possible the balloon could drift
farther south than expected.


73 de Mark N9XTN


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