[aprssig] Nuvi 350 - D710 error message

Sam Guccione gucci1 at mchsi.com
Tue May 31 17:47:55 EDT 2011

My Argent cable plugs into the Garmin Nuvi (doesn't look like the standard
usb connector) and then uses s subminiature phono plug for the D710 control
head. Is this the same cable that you are using? Sam

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On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 05:57:46PM -0500, we recorded a bogon-computron
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> I updated by nuvi maps and updated the D710 yesterday. Attached numi 
> to D710 with Argent cable and pressed the BCON button. I got this 
> message "This accessory is not supported."

I had this happen to me in the past.  It was solved by a repair job from
Argent Data Systems --- apparently the USB plug in the GTRANS cable
developed some kind of problem and needed to be replaced.

My symptoms were as you described --- sporadic "This accessory is not
supported" error messages at first, but later complete failure of my D700 to
see any GPS data at all.

Drop Scott a line and ask about it.

> I can clear the message by touching OK. The nuvi is sending aprs 
> locations to the screen ok.

Mine continued to function for a few weeks after I started to see the error
message, but quickly progressed to completely non-functional.  It was
entirely a mechanical issue with the USB connector on the cable.

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