[aprssig] HT and Mobile Radio OBJECT function

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Mon May 30 15:18:14 EDT 2011

Quoting "Bob Bruninga" <bruninga at usna.edu>:

> After seeing the total devistation of parts of Japan and Joplin, MO,  
>  and the disorientation of losing all known landmarks and signs, I  
> am  going to make a formal proposal to the Radio MFRS and all other  
> APRS  product builders to:
> Include the mechanism for the holder of a Radio to press a single   
> Button to MARK a spot and to send it as an OBJECT.

Could you also add the possibility to make a DF object? Using the  
second band on the radio to read the s-meter etc? Doesn't need to be  
s-meter reading from the second band
always assume omnidirectional antenna for the simplicity?

> When one presses the OBJ button, it sets up an OBJECT with the next   
> serial number for your call suffix|SSID.  Such as APR9-M01 which you  
>  can accept, or can write over with a new 9 character object name.    
> SUch as Gas-leak, fire, Pwrlines, etc  Your over-write will be LEFT   
> justified so if hey are less than 8 charactes, they too will also   
> use your same incrementing sequence numbers

I like this idea...

The Norwegian PolaricTracker has this function to add objects.
You specify when programming the radio icon, callsign/text and each  
time you activate the object function it's incrementing the SSID.

Kai Günter

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