[aprssig] Solar projects and the chinese

Perry Chamberlain canoeman at qnet.com
Mon May 30 12:38:29 EDT 2011

Applied power, is a very small provider of commercial inverters.
The new trend is mass arrays of smaller inverters, joined in parallel. ( kind of like google servers)
The industry is moving away from large commercial inverters.
This aids in hot swapping modules to prevent lengthy down time.
The large inverters are very expensive, and when they die, your out of power.
The array voltage is 480 volts.
The group we are working with, is building solar power plants all over the USA.
They are building so many pv plants they are consuming the total output of some solar pv module manufacturers.
They are using Trina modules For this project.
It's a very smart busuness plan on the manufacturers part, by actually funding and creating customers for their products.
Well the USA quiblles with the oil and coal company supporters, the chinese have taken over the solar industry, with gusto.
They are delivering pv panels in the tens of thousands per week, for these projects.
They are really way ahead of the USA in long term thinking, well we sit on our hands and are sabotaged by the luddites, oil companies, and climate change deniers, who are still hanging on  by their finger nails, for dear life.
It would be quite comical, if it was not so sad.


Perry Chamberlain

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