[aprssig] The chinese thank us, for ignoring solar power

Perry Chamberlain canoeman at qnet.com
Sun May 29 13:20:42 EDT 2011

I am working on large pv solar projects here in California, 9 to 15 mw average.
These solar plants are being built on public school sites, offsetting the
entire school grid use.
In my area, all the districts in my 2 conjoined cities and three others in
surrounding cities have also signed on.
The funding is all private, using zero no tax money.
The company supplies funding, manages the project, becomes the school district's
power supplier, and sells the power to the district on a 20 year contract with
maintanace thrown in. The solar arrays are mounted over the school parking lots
on large shade structures, an in grass play areas.
The district saves millions of dollars in power expenses, and provides shaded
parking for students and staff, and coverec shaded play areas, in an area
where early summer, summer and late fall temps (when school is in session) can
go into the triple digits on a regular basis, is a major issue here in the
But here is the kicker.
With the pro oil, coal cowd in washington fighting attempts at  halting or ignoring solar
wind, and courting the wallets of their congressional prom dates ( oil and
coal industry ), renewable energy business is being handed whole hog to the
On every one of these projects, the funding, financing, and PV sales, are coming
from guess who, hold it, wait for it.......
Every single one of these solar projects, is being funded by the chinese 
silicon wafer manufacturer.
The inverters, are chinese, the pv wire is chinese, the pv panels are chinese,
the profits are chinese.
The chinese are building most the new solar power plants in the USA.
Because the filthy coal and oil ompanies here, are spending billions of
dollars every year, to make sure we stay addicted to their earth destroying
The supporters of, and the producers of oil and coal are doing everything they
can to keep us under their thumbs, for a cheap buck.

I have lived on solar and wind power since 1995, and would never return to the
The learning curve of using electricity wisely,was tough at first, but is now
second nature.
Those that complain that solar doesnt work on
large scale, simply dont know what they are talking about.
It's working fine right now, for the Chinese!
And they are doing a great job of it too.



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