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Use less energy yes, put out more light, sometimes depending on the quality, 
last a long time?? NO

I bought brand name Sylvania CFL's and some Philips, they both said 5 years, 
although they used to say 7 years, and both brands died in less than a year. 
Of course they will warranty replace them, if I pay shipping both ways and 
send them the failed bulb, which in turn means you might as well buy another 
one instead!

I got sick of spending $4-$8 for bulbs that last less than a year so I got 
some cheap ones off ebay, yep made in hong kong, but RF quiet and all but 
one of a dozen count pack are still working three years later!!  So 
apparently the cheap ones have some advantage?


Scott KB0NLY

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CLS's last a long time .but they are not very reliable.
I have had two go bad in one month.
I have a 12 V one I bough in 1974 that still works, altho not used much.
Halogens use less electricity, put out more light, and last longer than 
When I am heating my house in the winter with my heat pump I use Halogen's.
In the summer with air conditioning on I use CFL. Only because they were 
$.00 each,
some were free.
I have purchased thee Wall-mart LED lamps, every one has failed.
Could be Chinese quality.

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On 5/28/2011 Bob Bruninga  wrote:

>   But the CFL lasts 10 years!  And every place that sells them accepts 
> them back for re-cycling.

I haven't have one last 2 years yet - my last one lasted 3 weeks.  Guess 
what, R30-R40 shaped bulbs in ceiling fixtures, side by side on the same 
circuit, the CFLs last LESS time than the incandescent bulbs on the same 
fixture - I often HAVE to use CFLs, because it's all the local store 
stocks - I use them till I can get a bunch of incandescents in, and when 
they burn out, I put incandescents in

73 de KG2V - Charles Gallo
Quality Custom Machine-shop work for the radio amateur (sm)

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