[aprssig] Aeronautical Mobile Best Practices?

Bob Snyder rsnyder at toontown.erial.nj.us
Fri May 27 00:10:57 EDT 2011

Anyone have a pointer to a list of best practices for running a HT
aeronautical mobile? I picked up a TH-D72A last weekend at Hamvention
and was considering taking it up on 250nm flight I'm planning this
weekend. I know the recommendation for balloons is direct only and to
disable carrier detect since you'll never hear a quiet spot if you
don't, but I'm not sure if that makes sense up at six or seven
thousand feet AGL. One homebuild aviation site with an APRS subforum
suggests WIDE2-1 which I'm unsure of.

Also debating trying to hook it to the intercom system and monitor a
simplex frequency while flying, but I need to double check that a) the
copilot side intercom input won't be sent to ATC if only the pilot
side PTT is depressed, and b) the legality of retransmitting ATC
broadcasts if they call me during while I'm speaking to the D72A. Plus
figure out the cabling.


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