[aprssig] SSTV camera from Argent

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed May 25 17:06:04 EDT 2011

> Judging from the sample pic on Scott's website, the text overlay is at
> such a small point size that it would be nearly illegible in the Robot
> mode. I assume you would will implement the switches or jumpers to force

It doesn't do the character generator at all in Robot mode.  I initially 
put it in because the Scotty modes were 256 lines and the camera scaled 
down most easily to 240 lines, so I was left with 16 lines to fill up.

> How well does the gadget deal with daylight light levels?

It does OK, though I think it doesn't have an IR cut filter so colors 
can be off.

Once I get a frame buffer set up to handle BT.656 data, I'll have a lot 
more camera options - both NTSC/PAL decoders and modern cell phone style 


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