[aprssig] Kenwood APRS Display Paradigm Shift

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Tue May 24 03:07:44 EDT 2011

Quoting "Stephen H. Smith" <wa8lmf2 at aol.com>:

>> When INTERRUPT ALWAYS is set, every packet heard now flashes its data on the
>> screen for a few seconds so that the APRS junkie is continuously aware of
>> what is going on around him.  He does not have to use any hands to see the
>> APRS situation...  It was a joy riding back from Dayton and seeing
>> everything going on in the areas I passed through.
> This is essentially what the packet data monitor at the bottom of the
> UIview screen on my mobile laptop does.

Both the TM-D700 and TM-D710 have this "raw" data monitor.

But the latest firmware has upgraded the P.MON function. Pressing  
"HOLD" you now get an arrow up/down so that you can actually scroll in  
the buffer. A limited buffer but it's much more use now than previous  

I would also like this on the TH-D72 but it's more important for  
Kenwood to fix the GPS bug.

The TH-D72 is useless as a mobile TNC as you don't get the GPS data  
when in TNC mode. Only when TNC is off or when APRS mode is on/off you  
get access to the GPS data. This is a bug because the old TH-D7 is  
capable of displaying GPS data when in TNC mode.

Another fix Kenwood has to do is to remove the new message function  
that are so annoying that it's no fun sending messages anymore. When  
replying to a message pressing REPLY the field where you normally  
entered your message you first have to delete whatever was in the  
original message you are replying to.

You can either pres DEL to delete each character or press F+CLRALL.  
Before this upgrade you just had to enter your message. This goes for  
the TH-D72 too. annoying function.

All other upgrades for the TM-D710 in the latest firmware is a big  
treat :o) the radio is literally a new one. Better use of the display  

Kai Gunter

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