[aprssig] Which sig?

Jim Duncan jdbandman at earthlink.net
Mon May 23 18:08:35 EDT 2011

There’s always the 100 point Field Day bonus aspect of natural power… That COULD qualify this back to being somewhere close to ‘on topic!’ <G>


73 de Jim, KU0G


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Wes, my apologies for dragging this out, however it was brought up by Bob and we all got into a long convo about it.  Seems like solar is a hot button topic, I know for me it is.  I have spent about five years watching the market, figuring out cost and benefit every spring, and still I haven’t seen it cheap enough to make it economically viable.





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I'm confused... are we on the solar DIY sig or the aprs sig? 


The world needs more geniuses with humility because there are so few of us left.



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