[aprssig] GPS problems in Los Angeles?

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Mon May 23 13:03:06 EDT 2011

On 5/23/2011 8:19 AM, Bob Poortinga wrote:
> It is possible that you were the victim of an illegal GPS jammer.
> <http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn20202-gps-fail-how-a-little-black-box-could-cause-chaos.html>
> This is a real problem with devices imported directly from China such as
> <http://gpsjammers.net/>  and ebay
> <http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=gps+jammer&_sacat=See-All-Categories>
> I don't understand why the FCC hasn't dropped the boom on ebay.
> 73 de

It's an endless whack-a-mole problem, just like busting spammers.  As fast as 
they shut down one of these shadowy importers, another one (often the same 
party under a new name) pops up.

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