[aprssig] GPS problems in Los Angeles?

Alex Carver kf4lvz at yahoo.com
Sat May 21 12:40:55 EDT 2011

> On 5/20/2011 5:53 PM, Alex Carver wrote:
> > Has anyone had a problem with their GPS receiver in
> Los Angeles on Friday, May 20 some time between 1200 and
> 1500 PDT?  I was driving around when my D700 started
> beeping wildly (I had beeps turned off on my GPSr). 
> The GPSr was showing me strange or impossible readings for
> almost an hour.  It would show speeds in excess of 100
> MPH, altitudes of negative 90 feet or altitudes of 7000+
> feet (my altitude at the time was 1000 feet).
> >
> > Signal strength was there but the receiver was falling
> out of lock with the satellites.  At the time I was
> using the internal antenna and not the amplified external
> antenna.
> Must have been some localized interference.  Where
> were you?
> I have been testing APRS software all afternoon (shaking
> down the latest 
> version of the APRS Messenger PSK63 soundcard app) with a
> couple of live GPS 
> receivers (A Rand McNally mouse and a Delorme Earthmate
> 20)in Pasadena. I have 
> not noticed anything out of the ordinary.

I was driving up I-210 starting at the junction of I-210 and CA-134 (entered the highway just north of Colorado Blvd.)

I also happened to see a related problem (loss of satellite lock) in Burbank in the Empire Center parking lot.

The receiver is old (Garmin 12XL) but still works fine.  I had absolutely no difficulties with it on a trip to Hayward, CA from Los Angeles this past week.

It seems like the only times I have problems with the receiver are when I'm in the vicinity of Pasadena or Burbank.

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