[aprssig] Anyone in Las Vegas - LightSquared Test To Begin Monday

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I don't know of any ILS systems being turned off, but many have not been built because GPS approaches are so much cheaper with nearly equivalent functionality. An ILS will cost nearly 1,000,000 dollarettes, and that just serves one runway. 

On the aircraft side, many systems are available with GPS as the sole means of navigation, for example the Garmin G10000. The airlines are a little slower than the non-scheduled aircraft to change over due to keeping a fleet consistent to reduce pilot training costs. 

The FAA is implementing a plan to turn off all radar facilities, relying on the aircraft to report their position derived from GPS and then being plotted on a screen (ala APRS). 


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Oh yea. they're official now?  Last time I asked, they weren't.  I gotta believe they'll still have a backup...  Are ILS's getting turned off?

Better NOT be!

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