[aprssig] FW: Follow USNA STORM CHASERS_SWIFT 2011

Bob Burns W9RXR w9rxr_ at rlburns.net
Fri May 13 05:57:29 EDT 2011

At 01:10 PM 5/12/2011, Bob Bruninga wrote:
>I got this email from some students headed out to Oklahoma to chase storms.
>They refer to some tracking capabilities.  Does any of this use APRS?

SpotterNetwork has various means of tracking spotters and chasers. 
Most of them are cellphone based. However, if a SpotterNetwork member 
has APRS, registers their APRS callsign with SpotterNetwork, and 
includes !SN! in the APRS comment, then SpotterNetwork will track 
them using APRS posits from the APRS-IS servers.

Likewise, a GRLevelX user (GRLevel2 and GRLevel3 are very good 
weather radar software packages) can add SpotterNetwork position 
reports to their radar map. This would include cellphone and APRS 
positions that are being logged through SpotterNetwork.


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