[aprssig] APRS messaging (was Re: How to do a HIKING APRS event!)

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue May 10 15:45:00 EDT 2011

> APRSISCE/32 allows entry of up to 5 lines 
> of maximum length text... and automatically 
> word breaks it up into multiple APRS messages..

This is good kind of innovation for APRS...

But I strongly prefer users who better understand that APRS messages are ONE
LINE ONLY, more like texting or tweeting, than "messages".  Broken or
partially delivered multiple messages may be worse than no message at all.

Forcing users to the one-line concept avoids the kind of problems we had on
our weekend event where someone was using a software client to send runner
numbers and the software was automatically truncating and line-wraping in
the middle of numbers.  Couldn't tell if a message ending in 10 and the next
one starting with 5 was the runner number 105 or were the runners 10 and

I also like the way the original APRSdos and WinAPRS gave an overlay
indication in the OUTGOING text box where the 12x12x12x9 and 28x28x22 screen
wraps were on the D7 and D700.  That way as the sender was typing, he could
see where his words would split on these small displays.  AND he could avoid
sending any critical message length beyond 45 characters which would be lost
on the D7 who received it.

In otherwords, please have your software alert the SENDER of a message when
he types beyond 45 characters, that additional text may be lost on D7
recipients.  Thanks.


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