[aprssig] APRS messaging (was Re: How to do a HIKING APRS event!)

Phil N6TCT phil_aprssig at lapsley.org
Tue May 10 14:41:17 EDT 2011

Yes.  Let me chime in with two comments.  One is to again mention
PocketPacket for the iPhone, an APRS TNC/modem and messaging interface
that connects directly to your radio:

The other is the Ben NanoNote $99 hand-held computer.  It could easily
make for a wonderful APRS UI; with a 366 MHz processor it might even
have enough oomph to run a software modem.

I have no connection to either of the above, I just think both are cool,
and both could be used to give a UI much better than fiddling with the
horrible UIs on most radios.

Phil, N6TCT

Guido Trentalancia wrote:
> In my opinion hams do not have aversion to APRS text messaging but
> instead they have complete aversion to entering text on APRS radios
> currently available in the marketplace. Consider most people use APRS on
> the move...
> So, I am quite sure there is nothing wrong with the protocol itself. We
> could extend it one day to support longer messages, exactly as it
> happened for GSM SMS but this is not urgent or strictly necessary.
> The point is that, where technically feasible, vendors should really
> come up with an accessory which provides a small detachable keyboard to
> enter APRS text messages easily and conveniently. But this has nothing
> to do with the APRS protocol.
> 73,
> Guido IZ6RDB

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